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"Education does not need to be high in cost, just high in quality"

What students say about us?

"Hired 2 weeks before school officially ended.. Let's keep it going.

#Thanks Texas School of Phlebotomy for preparing me for this moment. 

#25+ years in dentistry to phlebotomy and beyond. "

My experience with this course was a pleasant one. I enrolled in the school to further my experience in the health care field. Mr. Garza was my instructor and was very informal and organized with the lesson plans. The instructors do go out of their way to assist you as much as possible to help you succeed. I would recommend

"GREAT SCHOOL! Debbie is my instructor and you can definitely tell she loves what she does... I have learned so much from her.... Her teaching style is on point.. she knows just how to explain things so everyone understands fully. I enjoy going to class she makes learning fun." —  J., Tabitha


"Wonderful facility educating its' students on the fundamentals and practice of phlebotomy. I'm so very grateful to have these folks educating me on how I'll proceed with my profession as an adult."

"I really like this place it has a lot of awesome teachers"

"Fantastic school. Loved my instructors. I just got a job offer from South Texas Blood & Tissue! I completed the program in August 2020."

# "Darren is awesome! I wish everything that is available now was available to us when it first opened, but I love the school and I’m so happy to see it flourish and grow into what it has become now! I would definitely go back! Training was easy and we jumped straight into things with Lisa I believe was her name! I’m hands on and the way she taught was the way I needed to learn! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!"


- indeed users

#Very Hands on it’ll be impossible to not pass this program they teach you everything & are very helpful & encouraging I honestly wish the program was longer I loved my instructor & was kind of sad I was done so soon I highly recommend.


#There is a lot of hands on training. The teachers are very entertaining and know how to keep you engaged. The classes are very straight forward and you are never lost.


#Mrs. Gina was an amazing teacher and the staff was great. They helped us finds jobs within the 2nd week of starting school and helped us build resumes.


#The instructors were very helpful, and made the classes fun and engaging. The ratio of class time and lab time was perfect. They gave extra attention when it was needed and helped you gain the skills required.


#Good combination of book work and hands on skills! Teachers explain in detail each chapter and allow to to get a full understanding of the criteria before you Quiz/test.


#This school was easy and fast. You learn something new that you never know about the human body. This school was great and cheap place to go to school for phlebotomy. I would recommend this to anyone.


#Great hands on training! I’m ready to go out and show off my training! I really enjoyed working with others, also I have the ability to calm patients down when their not feeling well.


#Great cheapest school has lots of hands on learning passionate teachers gives learning material gas written and hands on tests get certificate day to complete.


#You feel like you are part of a family when you are at Texas School of Phlebotomy, the teachers are very knowledgeable an will go the extra mile making sure their students are prepared to work in the field by the time of graduation.

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Texas School of Phlebotomy

(817) 405-2414 or (817) 841-9171 or (210) 390-0551

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