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Our primary goal is to produce students whose skills are exceptional and whose understanding of safety is superior. Our company consists of experienced professionals who provide students with the personal attention they need to succeed. Combined, our staff have over 40 years of experience in the field. Our instructors will guide you as you learn a variety of types of blood draw techniques, safety standards, basic anatomy and physiology, and other areas.

Texas School of Phlebotomy offers career assistance services to graduates as part of our commitment to you. Whether you are seeking your first job in the medical field or are changing fields altogether, after completing one of our programs, our experienced team can counsel you or help you get started in the right direction. No school can guarantee employment, however, Texas School of Phlebotomy is committed to doing everything we can for our students and graduates.


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Our Mission: To raise the standard of care in our community by providing well-trained and highly skilled medical professionals. The Texas School of Phlebotomy is dedicated to empowering individuals with skills, knowledge, practical training, and experience needed for a successful, rewarding career in allied healthcare. We believe that education does not need to be high in cost, just high in quality. Therefore we provide short-term, low cost, quality programs.

Texas School of Phlebotomy

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