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"Education does not need to be high in cost, just high in quality"

February 4, 2021


















Career Colleges & Schools of Texas welcomes back Texas school of Phlebotomy as a member.

We are pleased too be back as a member of Career Colleges & Schools of Texas and Mr. Daren Masters, our CEO as one of its Board of Directors. 

CCST is governed by an outstanding group of professionals who meet several times a year for board meetings. The board of directors has only the best interests of the career college sector on their agenda. 

CCST member schools are committed to the principle of ethical and compliant operations.  It is the desire of the Association to promote and endorse, via CCST membership, only those schools with like commitments.

CCST is the state association for private, post secondary that prepare people for today’s jobs and great careers. There are approximately 200 colleges and schools in the state offering a wide range of occupational curriculum. These colleges and schools enable more students to reach their career goals, provide employers with a large pool of skilled workers, and ultimately expand the state’s tax base by attracting and expanding business in Texas.

December 09, 2020


Contact: Daren Masters, CEO Phone: 817-841-9171





Texas School of Phlebotomy CEO to Meet (virtually) with Texas Senator On Thursday, December 10, 2020.


Mr. Masters will attend a virtual conference call with Texas Senator Beverly Powell (D) and other Board Members of Career Colleges and Schools of Texas (CCST).

Senator Powell has been a long-standing advocate for the power of higher education and non-traditional students. The Senator is committed to creating opportunities for Texans of all ages to further their education and job skills. She believes that all Texans should have access to quality education. Senator Powell serves on the Education and the Higher Education Committees where she is a respected leader on education issues. During her first term, Senator Powell spent her time advocating for higher education and career training opportunities for all Texans.



November 16, 2020

Congratulations to our #ShoppingSpree winner!

November 6, 2020


Texas School of Phlebotomy has joined with CECU (CAREER EDUCATION AND UNIVERSITIE)


CECU is the national voice for post-secondary career education!


  • CECU members have a graduation rate of 59.40%, almost 3 times higher than primary on-line schools; and/or 2- year public schools.

  • Gallup research shows that our students increase their annual earnings by 62% after completion of programs in CECU schools.

  • Membership provides opportunities for individual and collective growth.

  • CECU advocates for policies that treat all schools- and all students equally!


Today, CECU serves as the national voice for this noble work. Representing over 500 educational institutions, CECU promotes, defends, and protects postsecondary career education.

FOR MORE INFORMATION : https://www.career.org/news