"Education does not need to be high in cost, just high in quality"

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Texas School of Phlebotomy takes its role in training students for successful careers very seriously. Since 2013, the school has prided itself on career-focused training – making sure the students get the right skills for the current job market and on having dedicated, experienced instructors and staff.

Our primary goal is to produce students whose skills are exceptional and whose understanding of safety is superior. Our company consists of experienced professionals who have over 40 years of experience in the field and provide students with the personal attention they need to succeed.




Chief Executive Officer

Director of Education - Irving & Fort Worth



Mr. Masters has over 15 years of Allied Health Field experience in many areas. Starting his education and career in Emergency Medicine in his senior year in high school working in EMS and Emergency Care Attendant. In 2004, he moved to the DFW metroplex where he started working as a phlebotomist for the blood bank that opened many doors in his career that he had never thought possible.


Mr. Masters has worked as a Phlebotomist in many aspects, ranging from physician-owned laboratories, agencies, team lead, management, and owning a staffing agency. He also over the years has learned medical billing and coding for laboratories. Working as team lead for a national health fair screening company that allowed him to travel across the globe. He met his business partner and friend Carol Aguilera -COO while working for the health-fair company and they have worked together ever since.



In 2013, Mrs. Aguilera and Mr. Masters both agreed that they wanted to train phlebotomists the "correct way". They had no way of knowing what that would truly mean to them until after they started their first class in Mansfield and the students made their way to a new career in phlebotomy. Training phlebotomist the correct way, has allowed them to find that passion is not only helping people learn to be better phlebotomist but also helping them and their families to be able to provide a better life for themselves.



Mr. Daren Masters has held the following certifications:


· Emergency Care Attendant (Texas Department of Health)

· Certified Phlebotomy Technician (AMCA)

· Professional Healthcare Instructor (AMCA)

· Basic Life Support Instructor (American Heart Association)

· Drug Screening Collector (Quest Diagnostics)

· Breath Alcohol Technician (Kahntact / Intoximeter)


Chief Operating Officer

Director of Education - China Grove


Mrs. Aguilera has been in the Allied Health field for 25 years. She received her training as an Electrodiagnostic Technologist from Veridian Health in Deerfield, IL, and has attended St. Phillips Community College of San Antonio, Palo Alto Community College of San Antonio, and The Learning Pad of Austin, TX. Her work history is a well-traveled national one. She has lived in San Antonio with my children for 20 years. She is a native of Boerne, TX.


Mrs. Aguilera has worked in many aspects of the medical field over the years in both clinical lab and management settings, both to which she attributed her success. She has true love and passion for being in healthcare and enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with others and finds this to be the most rewarding profession.


She has been with a wonderful husband named Robert and they have four children, Amber, Brianna, Joey, and Angie, and one grandson, Braiden. She enjoys many things in life, but most especially her family and friends. Their family enjoys spending time together fishing and hunting.


Mr. Masters and Mrs. Aguilera opened the Texas School of Phlebotomy in Mansfield. In March 2016, the second campus was opened in the China grove location. 



Mrs. Carol Aguilera has held the following certifications:

· Intravenous Therapy Certification by Texas Nurses Association (Master Train)

· Electrodiagnostic Certification (Veridian Health)

· Drug Screening Collector (Quest Diagnostics)

· Breath Alcohol Technician (Premise Health / Intoximeter)

· BLS CPR (American Heart Association)

· Health Education (Onsite Health Diagnostics)

· Certified Phlebotomy Technician (NHA)

· Certified Phlebotomy Technician (AMCA)

· Professional Healthcare Instructor (AMCA)

· CKD Education Certification (Davita / The Kidney Trust)



Phlebotomy Instructor - All Campuses

Mrs. Westmoreland started her journey in 1999 when she became a phlebotomist. She worked in blood banking for 10 years, where she also instructed the phlebotomy and collection process. She transitioned into the actual testing of blood and specialized in red blood cells and pharmacogenetics. She truly believes that becoming a phlebotomy instructor was the ultimate stepping stone in her career.


She, as a Healthcare Provider, it is integrity and strong medical ethics that ignite the drive for “informed” healthcare. To advocate for those that do not know their patient rights and to be sure that the patient is the focal point of health care. As a Phlebotomist, she knows that there is power in the blood; it serves as an internal blueprint of our true selves. Everyone deserves blood to be drawn properly with the correct order of draw to ensure accuracy; this is Phlebotomy. She is here to ensure there is the precision of skill, courtesy, and safety with a bit of finesse. 


She hopes that our future professionals are looking forward to the experience as much as she is. She would love to spend the term working together, learning from each other, and supporting one another's success.


20210425_164427_2 (1).jpg


Clinical Lab Instructor - Irving Campus

Mrs. Perkins is an NHA-certified phlebotomist with almost 20 years of experience in the Phlebotomy field. The bulk of her experience is in the hospital and outpatient lab settings. She taught extern phlebotomy students at the hospital for 4 years. She accepted this position at the Texas School of Phlebotomy in August 2020. She has been asked many times why she decided to leave working in the field to become an instructor, and her answer was simple, "I care". She cares about our patients and it is her goal as an instructor to make sure that our future professional phlebotomists joining the medical profession have pride and integrity, are highly skilled and confident in the work they are doing. She strongly believes that the work of phlebotomists is very important. The quality of their work affects the care that the patients receive from their physicians. 


image_72192707 (1).jpg


Clinical Lab Instructor - China Grove Campus

Ms. Flores moved to the great state of Texas from Alexandria, VA in 2002. She had the pleasure of living in different cities and towns across the state. She has been a medical assistant since 2006. Ms. Flores had the pleasure of working in a wide range of specialties such as a private family practice, health clinic, orthopedic, sleep diagnostic center, private school nurse. She attended the Texas School of Phlebotomy Class of January 2021 for a 4-week program and graduated on the 5th of February 2021. Ms. Flores accepted the position and currently a full-time phlebotomy lab instructor. She loves that she chose to continue her education in phlebotomy and be certified on a national level. She is excited to share her knowledge and assist our future professionals in reaching their potential.



Clinical Lab Instructor - China Grove Campus

Mr. Mccoole has been teaching some facet of Emergency Medicine since July of 1998. He is a retired Army Sergeant First Class, where he served 30 years as a Registered Nurse, a position he now holds a Master’s Degree. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Medical Sciences - Paramedic. Mr. Mccoole may not be a school-trained phlebotomist; however, his past experiences allow him to have great latitude in teaching our professionals base on his knowledge and practices, which gives him great pride.

Retired U.S Army Veteran since Aug 2006 after 30 yrs enlistment. Rank SFC
Retired Instructor Writer Civil Service U.S Army (Emergency Medicine)
Retired RN MSN / Paramedic BS




Job Placement Coordinator

Mr. Bill is the job placement coordinator at the Texas School of Phlebotomy. He has worked with the Texas School of Phlebotomy since 2018. He came to TSP with an operations management background in business with increasingly responsible administrative experience in a similar population. His passion and focus are on our students' success within the medical field. His goal is to provide direct support to students with TSP, including information and guidance where needed. Proving proper work habits and techniques for competing for jobs, including appropriate dress, interviewing strategies, and advising in preparation to seek employment. He serves as a liaison between employers and the community regarding administrative and operating requirements for the job placement. All while ensuring compliance with state regulations and coordinating with appropriate individuals and departments to meet institutional reporting requirements.


HR Director

Ms. Francine started working in a call center 11 years ago, supporting one of the major Credit Card companies in the US. She became part of its management for 6 years and enjoyed developing individual and team talents. As part of Operation Management, she got the chance to work with different branches of Human Resources. This was her leverage in starting with the Texas School of Phlebotomy. Her goal now is to help Texas School of Phlebotomy live its mission and reach its goals by helping them find talented, well-trained, and well-motivated employees. She wants to witness the growth of TSP and, be a part of the success of each of our students!


Admissions Representative- Fort Worth Campus

Ms. Kristyn joined the Texas School of Phlebotomy in March of 2020. Native Texan, she has a background in dental assisting and medical billing and coding. Being new to the phlebotomy scene, Kristyn has a new drive to help people achieve their education goals by helping them get started on their new career path. When she is not registering students she can be found enjoying quality time with her young son and family.


Admissions Representative / Social Media Manager

Ms. Kara is a qualified admissions rep and social media manager with over 6+ years in fast-paced customer service and call center environments. In 2015, she started working as a Product Trainer and Team Leader from various industries such as financial, retail services including sales, technical support, and customer care. She is very familiar with major customer service software, conflict resolution, and possesses a positive attitude with each customer’s interaction. Her expertise to handle multiple admissions tasks which include processing enrollments, presenting, and answering relevant inquiries. 

As an admissions rep, she is committed to providing an excellent student service experience and has proven skills to effectively give satisfaction. With her strong communication and collaboration skills, she just recently got the role of Social Media Manager and now handles the TSP's overall marketing strategies and social media platforms.  It allows her to become a more creative and skilled social media expert.


Admissions Representative

Ms. Angel is an admission representative at the Texas School of Phlebotomy. She assists all the student’s queries and concerns about the Phlebotomy course. Angel has more than 2 years of experience in customer service and sales assisting different nationalities around the globe. She handled a travel account and the automotive industry in those years. She has a passion for helping and giving satisfactory service to people who needs her assistance. Her goal is to provide the best customer service for the students here at Texas School of Phlebotomy. She wanted to be part of the successful growth of TSP and to see how each student slowly achieves their dreams of being a certified Phlebotomy technician.

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Texas School of Phlebotomy is committed to quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of our business. As part of the team, we hope that everyone will discover that the pursuit of excellence is a rewarding aspect of our career here. 

The success of the Texas School of Phlebotomy is determined by our success in operating as a unified team. We have to earn the trust and respect of our students every day in order for the student to make the decision to choose our services. We sell service and service is provided by people. There are no magic formulas.